The eGold (EGLD) of the Elrond project lands on the eToroX platform

The eGold token (EGLD) of the Elrond blockchain joins the list of available cryptocurrencies on the eToro broker’s ecosystem, by being listed on eToroX.

Designed specifically for businesses and institutions, eToroX is eToro’s an Bitcoin Aussie System professional platform, combining cryptography with other financial assets such as Forex.

Elrond’s eGold will therefore make its debut in the eToro ecosystem on Wednesday 23rd December, when it will be available for trading on the eToroX platform. Beniamin Mincu, CEO and founder of the Elrond network, said :

„During its 10 years of existence, Bitcoin has proven that cryptomoney is secure and can serve an important purpose in the Internet economy. Elrond opens up a new frontier by offering a powerful Internet-wide blockchain and an intuitive application called Maiar, through which we aim to bring the next billion people into the blockchain space. »

Great ambitions

Stimulated by the recent upsurge in institutional and retail investor interest in Bitcoin, the cryptomoney market is increasingly mature and has proven its resilience in the face of the crisis. Against this backdrop, eToro is capitalising on the opportunity in emerging markets and expanding its portfolio of cryptographic solutions after a 12-month hiatus.

With eToro offering digital asset management services to more than 15 million users, Elrond is entering a sizeable market, giving it considerable visibility with new investors.

At the same time, the Elrond blockchain continues to develop its use cases. The project recently launched Maiar, a simple to use and inexpensive financial application for money transfers and encryption. Supported by the Elrond network, the Maiar digital wallet allows its users to send, spend and staking with their EGLD tokens.

In addition to Elrond Gold, Maiar supports BNB Binance and Ether (ETH). Eventually Maiar is expected to add other cryptomonnages, including Bitcoin (BTC). As the flagship application of the Elrond blockchain, Maiar sees beyond the crypto-sphere by being usable by everyone, even those with no knowledge of the industry.

The Elrond project continues on its way and, at the time of writing, is close to the top 50 most capitalised cryptosystems, with more than 320 million dollars.

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